Crash when re-ordering Waves plugins on Montage track

Whenever I re-order a track plugin in Montage, Wavelab 7 crashes on the next montage save. Using Waves 7 plugins and running on Mac OS 10.6.8.

Any tips?

Some questions:

  1. Do you re-order while playback? Do you Save while playback? (this is allowed, but this can be an hint for me).
  2. Are you using Track or Clip plugins?
  3. Are you using VST2 or VST3 plugins?


  1. No, I don’t re-order when playing back and neither do I save. I used to but not with W7
  2. Track Plugins
  3. VST3 plugins. THis is a throwback from when I had problems with an earlier version of W& and only VST3 would work. I haven’t tried VST2 yet with the newer version.

I’m getting persistent crashes while working with the montage, using mostly Waves 7 plugins in the track and clip parts of the montage window. Mac OSX 10.6.7. Fully updated Wavelab 7.
Its hard to understand what the trigger is sometimes its nothing, like moving a clip in the montage window.
It does seem clear that the more waves plugins I load on the clips the quicker and more predictably the crashes occur.
Crash report attached.

th crash.pdf (61 KB)

Another crash - this time when saving the montage.
crash2.pdf (62.3 KB)

Julio, I don’t get the same number of crashes you appear to get. If it will help, I only use VST3 Waves plugins as I used to have problems with VST2 and have never tried them again.

I almost always have trouble only when I re-order and then when I go to save the montage, it crashes.

I also use predominantly Waves 7 plugins, OSX 10.6.8 which is one higher than you are using.

I’ll update OSX and try the VST3 Waves - hopefully that will make things a bit smoother.

I am having the same problem. Crashing when saving, especially after re-ordering plugins. Any plugins, not Waves only.
When you insert a new plugin it normally appears at the end of the existing chain. Is there a way in the WL7 montage to insert the plugin in the chain right where you want it to be to avoid re-ordering?

I generally find if I save immediately before re-ordering and then immediately after, I get away with it. Hope it works for you.