Crash when recording midi

I just did a clean install of Win 10, reinstalled cubase (10.5.2) and most of my plugins, hoping this would solve the cubase crashes which happened more and more lately.

So, I did a midi recording in a very simple session, one audio track, no plugins, no vsti’s…
After doing a bunch of midi recordings (external synth via motu timepiece AV) Cubase crashes to the desktop, no warning, nothing.

So, I turned off the motu timepiece, restarted the system, opened cubase and continued with the session, now recording the midi via the usb of the external synth (a Novation Summit)
Lo and behold, after a while, again a crash…

Can this still be a faulty plugin even though no plugins where loaded in this project?

here are the two crash dumps (crash dump files are from windows, there werent any crashdumps in the \my documents\steinberg folder):

any help is much appreciated, thanks!


both crashes are in the


Most often, these are graphic card related crashes. What graphic card do you have, please?

Hi Martin,
Thanks for looking into this.
I have an amd 5700xt. I’ll update the drivers, let’s see if that helps.


Could you try to use generic Windows graphic card driver instead of the dedicated manufacturer driver, please?

Sure, I’ll do that and see if I can make it crash… since updating the amd drivers I didn’t have any crashes today either though (although I wasn’t doing many midi recordings, will do that with the generic drivers tomorrow)

So, I had to run amd driver cleanup so the amd drivers wouldn’t instantly load on reboot.
With the Windows basic graphic drivers loaded I couldn’t get cubase to crash during a long midi record session (left it recording a random arpeggio for two hours).

I’ll test some more but soon have to go back to the new amd drivers because 1024 x 768 on an ultrawide monitor is hurting my eyes!