crash when saving

Something in Dorico 2 is different than Dorico 1. I think I’ve isolated the problem but haven’t checked every file yet. With files that have an asterisk in the title, the program crashes when I save and after reopening the audio doesn’t work. I have to reboot computer to restore. Attached is the crash report. The asterisk is the only thing I can find that is causing it but am not certain.
Thanks for any insight. (21.1 KB)

I’ve been trying to reproduce this problem without success. Could you please tell me the exact path and name of the file that is causing a crash on saving?

Also, can you tell us what filesystem you’re using for your disks? Are you using HFS+ or APFS, and if APFS, is it case-sensitive or case-insensitive?

Hi Daniel, I wish my ignorance wasn’t so profound. I do not know my filesystem. I’ll try to figure that out. Whatever is my default is what I’ve always used. Speaking of Default, I do use Default Folder X which seems to work fine with Dorico 2. For now, here’s the actual file that causes the crash.
I can’t attach the zipped file with the double asterisk.
The Dorico file had two asterisks at the end. I removed it from the zipped file and attached.
File path is:



might those two asterisks (******) in your filename be responsible?

That seems to be the case. Easy fix but I thought I would mention it so others could avoid the problem. Dorico 1 didn’t respond this way.


I can open and save this file and indeed other files with # and * in their filenames with no problem. Please go to the Apple menu, then choose About This Mac, click System Report, and in the window that occurs, find the ‘Storage’ item on the left-hand side and then see what it says under ‘File System’.


Thanks: we’re still unable to reproduce this problem, even on High Sierra running APFS. If you look in Disk Utility, does it show APFS as being case-sensitive or case-insensitive?

Not case sensitive.

Very strange! We will look into improving the general handling of exceptions in future so that we can at least see exactly where this exception is being thrown; unfortunately the crash log doesn’t tell us enough to pinpoint the specific operation that is failing. In the meantime, I recommend you avoid wildcard characters in your filenames. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for taking the time and trouble. Not a big deal in the scheme of things. Dorico 1 and even more so, version 2 is a joy to work with. Your work and customer care is greatly appreciated.