Crash when scrolling

When I start Dorico (from scratch) and use the Hub to open a score that uses NotePerformer, Dorico crashes when I use the mouse wheel to scroll the score - unless I wait until NotePerformer has loaded completely. At least that’s what seems to make a difference.

I’m on Windows, when I create a Diagnostic Report, the Crashes directory shows that it’s apparently VSTAudioEngine3.exe that’s crashing (I’ve zipped and attached the .dmp file, if that helps).

Tim (1.28 MB)

I’ve passed the VSTAudioEngine crash dump on to Ulf, but it would be helpful to have the full Dorico diagnostics: could you please choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach that here?

The file is too large to attach, but I’ve created a download link here:

I’ve experienced another crash just now where it was enough to move the mouse around after the file had loaded (and before NotePerformer was loaded). It’s in the diagnotics report.

Thanks for looking into this!

These are all crashes in the audio engine, so I’ll have to ask Ulf to look into this further – I can’t make any sense of them myself.

Hi Pietzcker, I had a closer look at your crash logs and it turned out that the crashes originate in NotePerformer. So actually Arne Wallander needs to have a look at these, as we can’t do anything from our side on this. So please get in contact with him.

To follow up on this: Arne Wallander took a look at the crash dumps and found that it was the graphics card driver that crashed (GeForce GTX 1060 on Windows 10). I updated to the current “Studio” driver, and the problem seems to have gone away.

So if you encounter random crashes, updating your graphics driver might be a good idea.