Crash, when starting a file or opening anything from hub

I am moving this from the Beta-forum to this forum, since I have now installed the latest released retail (NFR) version

I have installed the latest version of Dorico on a Windows 10 machine. I installed Dorico on a second harddrive, not the OS hard drive.
The installation went fine with no warnings.
The activation code has been used and accepted.

From the Steinberg Hub I cannot start any new file or open a Mxml- or Midi-file.

“New Empty Project” causes a crash (Dorico has stopped working).
“New from (any) Template” causes a crash
“Open other” > midi-file… causes a crash at 50% loaded
Same for Mxml-files.

Dorico works fine, as long as I have a Steinberg UR22mkII attached.

The above mentioned problem occurs with a Realtek High Def. Audio soundcard (sit’s on many motherboards) and also with a PreSonus AudioBox USB with the latest drivers.

A curious thing: If I start the Steinberg Hub with the UR22mkII connected, then disconnects it, and then click on “New empty project” in the hub, Dorico starts just fine, but not the next time, I try to start the Hub and the Dorico with the UR22mkII disconnected.
So the UR22mkII has to be connected only when the Hub is started.

We’re aware of issues with Realtek hardware. One solution is to install ASIO4ALL for use when you don’t have your UR22 connected.

I did try Asio4All, but Dorico also crashed with this output driver.
I will try it again, maybe changing some settings will do the trick, but please be aware, that the exact same problem occured with the PreSonus AudioBox USB

Thanks for the info - please let me know if Asio4All doesn’t work after changing some settings.

Yes, I think my colleagues in Hamburg are aware of the PreSonus issue too.

Try the following:

  • Start Dorico - don’t load any scores yet
  • Open Edit → Device Setup and switch to either your Presonus or ASIO4All
  • Close Dorico and restart
  • Now try opening a file

Thanks a lot. I selected the Asio4All and followed your instructions.
Now Dorico starts just fine.

I hadn’t seen, that the setup-menu was selectable, the first time around it looked grayed out to me like all the other entrances in that menu.

Good to hear that Asio4all is a consistent fix for this issue.