Crash when trying to add Mackie HUI 11.0.30 / OS11.5

CU 11.0.30
OS 11.5 release

I have Xtouch 32 as 1st Mackie HUI controller
I have 2nd Mackie HUI as Arturia kelab61 mk2
Both connected via USB / MIDI
The Xtouch kind of got weird - it won’t fader bank L or R at all. Ok fine, let me delete it and redo it.
I delete the Mackie HUI #1. Ok
Create New Mackie HUI - CRASH ! repeatable
Also note this may add / delete mess with count of MIDI ports, but shouldn’t. Note that the first time I didn’t disconnect the MIDI ports from the HUI before removing it. 2nd time I did and still crashed. I worked around by disconnecting MIDI ports use in Mackie HUI setting, hitting apple and closing Studio setting panel. Reopened Studio settings and was then finally able to add new Mackie HUi w/o crashing. Still didn’t fix the fader bank problem.
Crash log s should be available for the devs if you want it