Crash when trying to import audio

Cubase 11 crashes when I import audio files. This has happened several times in past few days now. Trashed preferences didn´t help. Crash file: Cubase 11_2021-02-25-095822_Mika-iMac.crash (140.9 KB)

OS? Audio Interface? What kind of audio files?

less info, no help

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Thanks for reply. Click my user icon, there they are. Cubase 11, Wavelab 10, iMac 27", Mojave, Presonus Firestudio Project.

OK, sorry you are one in a million who is having this… didn’t expect that…

Which files? WAV?
How do you do it? Drag and drop?

I used shortcut for import audio (↑A). They were wav files. Most of the times it works fine but I think 2 times of 10 it crashes.