Crash when using VariAudio3

As the topic says:
3-4/5 times I’m about to use VariAudio3 Cubase 10 just crashes, without creating crashdumps.
See video:

I found out that when you double click on the vocal file and look to the left and choose “VariAudio”. You have 3 settings:

  • Absolut
  • Relative
  • Off

When I’m choosing absolute and then trying to change formant it crashes. But if I choose Relative or Off and do the same thing it mostly works.

Windows 10 Biold 17134
Intel i7 5820k
Apollo Twin USB
32Gb DDR4
SSD 960 EVO M.2 1TB
Cubase 10 Pro 10.0.5

Project settings:
30 FPS
44.100 khz
24 bit and it all is synked with my apollo as well.

All the best

Hi and welcome,

Please attach the crash dump file located in Documents/Steinberg/crash dumps.

That’s the thing. It doesn’t generate crashdumps either.

Is it reproducible with any Audio file? Or is this file somehow specific? Could you attach a demo project, where does it crash?

It’s mostly on new projects when I record an audio file. When I after want to edit with V.A then it crashes unless I’m choosing any other choice except “absolute pitch”. It’s not everytime, but many times.

With this crash it doesn’t generate any crashdump either.


What is your record file settings/project settings? Sample rate, bit depth, processing precision? Is the track mono or stereo…?

For me it crashes every time I change the formant. It either grables up the sound entirely or the whole program just shuts down.


What exactly do you mean by “change the format” in regard to VariAudio, please?

Everything in the preferences is the same as in 9.5. It’s all good and it’s syncing with my Apollo Card at standard settings and I record in mono:
30 FPS
44.100 Khz
24 bit

Yes, that have happened to me as well.

When you record a vocal for 2 sec say. If you double click on the wave file, to the left panel under “VariAudio” you have something called “Pitch Snap Mode”.
When it’s absolute it crashes but if I switch to Relative or Off it most of the times work.


Could you please attach a crash dump file?

So i did test it too, and for me it crash when no data is in. I mean i did record just the input without sound and it crashed when opened VariAudio. After i did send something to the input so i had sound coming in and recorded again, everything was working fine.
So it seems when no wave form is there to analyze, then it does crash.

@Martin.Jirsak: i get no crash dumb.

Well, I said (wrote) “formant”, not format. Two different things. Changing the formant means changing the sound of the voice, making it lower or higher without changing the pitch. This is a new feature in cubase 10, variaudio 3, but it either crashes or destroys the sound that is being changed.