Crash while adding playback techniques

As the subject says… Dorico disappeared leaving me to have to kill -9 the VSTAudio process. I was just trying to map String 0 - 9 to new Playback techniques.

MacOS 12.6

Attached is the diagnostic report.

Dorico (662.9 KB)



  "exception" : {"codes":"0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000020","rawCodes":[1,32],"type":"EXC_BAD_ACCESS","signal":"SIGSEGV","subtype":"KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000020"},

Thanks for reporting this. I can see where Dorico is crashing, but it’s not clear to me why it’s crashing in this particular way. If you can reproduce the problem at will, please let me know what steps you are taking in the Edit Playback Technique dialog. We will make sure the crash gets fixed either way.

Pretty reliably reproducible:

New Empty Project
Add Classical Guitar
Open Playback Techniques Dialog
Create new +
Name: String 0
Fallback: Natural
Articulation Type: Attribute

Select Newly created String 0 in left list pane
Click “New From Selection”
Fix Name to next integer, e.g., String 0 becomes String 1
… repeat for all 10 strings, String 0 - String 9

Crash Dorico by selecting any of the new entries in the left list pane.

I also notice that after 3 or 4 “New From Selection”, Fallback value returns to .

Good luck

Sorry for the long delay in returning to this thread. Thanks for the steps required to reproduce the problem. We’ll be able to fix this in a future update.

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