Crash while deleting content of a bar

I had a bar filled with an 1/8-note triplet, there was no music added yet. I noticed that I had meant this rhythmic pattern to be a bar earlier in the music, so in a spontaneous Sibelius-relapse I marked the bar to cmd-X it and cmd-V it at the right spot. Only the cmd-X yielded an immediate crash. Report attached as zipped TXT file.
crash-report (19.5 KB)

I had that happen too.


And strangely, I just tried the exact same thing again without issue. Weird. But maybe that points in the direction that not Dorico is the culprit, but something else, the OS clipboard maybe?

thanks for the report. The crash report was somewhat helpful, but I haven’t been able to fully reproduce the crash quite yet. If you happen to have a project that demonstrates the problem, could you attach that here?

Did you have insert mode enabled? Was the triplet empty (just rests), or did it also contain notes?

What I tried to cmd-X was a bar without music, just a rhythmic figure with rests. The triplet was empty as well. I don’t recall whether or not I had insert mode enabled. Funny enough, two minutes ago I tried the same in the same project where it originally crashed, and this time around it went by smoothly. In other words, I can’t really reproduce it either.