Crash: while editing in Melodyne

Nuendo 5.1.1

Man, this is not a good week for me. About my 3th crash today. 7th for the week. Recently installed the video update, not sure if that relates…

Got a crash while editing in Melodyne instantiated on a track. :cry: :imp:

Would love a crash report analysys to see where the blame lies… so I know who to complain to :wink:
nuendo melodyne (22.5 KB)

Not a solution to your crash but have you tried Variaudio (built into Nuendo) - far better than Melodyne IMO.

Yes, however I don’t agree that it is better then melodyne. I’ve tuned a lot of vocals with both and melodyne is much more flexible and sounds much more natural AND it tunes polyphonic audio. So that’s really not an option.

Aside from the polyphonic thing I suggest giving it another go. I know a lot of people who have converted from Melodyne and Autotune (myself included).

I’ve had plenty of crashes in Melodyne, unfortunately.

I would say that huge advantage of using VariAudio is that you still have control over the region on the timeline. You can fade it, change gain, mute it, trim it, etc. Once you’ve transferred and tuned in Melodyne, it’s stuck inside that Melodyne editor until you bounce it out, which is a PITA. You can delete the region, forget you’ve got Melodyne on the track and wonder why you’re still hearing playback…


But it doesn’t SOUND as good. Aren’t we all AUDIO professionals here? :wink:

Unless Melodyne has done something drastic recently I think Variaudio sounds better; none of the upper/high fuzziness (that’s the only way I can describe it).

No fuzziness, here… I am quite happy with the quality Melodyne gives me.

And I see no reason to drop Melodyne. In short we’ll see the release of the new Studio version, incl. DNA.
I’d sacrifice quite a few other plugs for the capability of tuning a rhythm guitar after it has been recorded and what ever else this technology brings. The new features and sound of Melodyne Studio should be most amazing…