Crash while loading plug-in

Wavelab Pro 11.1, Windows 11

I’m loading the VSL Hybrid Reverb Pro. So far so good:

But when I click on the preset window (top right), it disappears and I can no longer get a response from any part of the program. See the left/right arrows in the top right corner. They do nothing.

What should happen is that a panel opens to the right, with the list of presets. It is working fine in Cubase (13.0.20)

Is this VST 3?

Yes it is.

This is a Windows thing, I think. You need to (perhaps?) ‘allow an app through Controlled folder access’. In my case Cubase 13 was not listed here, and where all my other VSTi worked as expected (presets visible), the B-3x VSTi did not. When I added Cubase 13 to the list, all was good.

See this post: Issue: iK Multimedia Hammond B-3X loses all it's presets in C13

Usually when its a protected folder issue, the program apologizes, so to speak, and the dialog for Windows pops up at the bottom right of the screen. I’ll look into it though.