Crash While Setting Drum Map From Instrument

This happens for me every time:

I load a Groove Agent kit
Show inspector tab on left of project window
Try to set drum map ‘from instrument’

Never ending rainbow wheel on OS X 10.12.6 Sierra.


Do you mean “Create Drum Map from Instrument”?

Yes Martin - exactly.

I load a kit up in Groove Agent, then open the left zone to Create Drum Map from Instrument and it hangs.

What kind of sound do you load in Groove Agent, please? I cannot reproduce it here.

I have created a custom kit from samples in the Metronomic Cinema collection … I will be more specific when I load the project tomorrow and provide more information.

Thanks for looking into it Martin.

I have also had a crash like this today.


Could you share the craslog please?

I have the same crash, 100% reproduceable. It may be caused by previously creating a drum map in the lower zone opn one of the parts (maybe). ONce you have done that creating drum map in the inspector on the crash itself hangs up cubase completely. Reproducible with Cubase 9.5 Pro and 9.0 Pro. I only have Groove Agent SE…

This should be fixed in the upcoming Cubase 9.5 update.