Crash while switching from Play to Write


I’m having a repeated crash when switching from Play to Write mode. What I’ve done before the crash is adjusting data in the Dynamics lane.

Paolo (22.6 KB)

The crash seems not to happen if I save before switching back to Write.


Unfortunately this is the same kind of crash inside Qt that we’ve seen before, but as yet we don’t have any idea what might be causing it and we cannot presently reproduce it at will in-house.

If it’s any consolation, this seems to happen far less than the initial 3.0 release— the only recent example I can think of is one when I was trying to adjust a CC11 line. The crash happened every time I repeated a similar editing procedure in the same place but when deleting the edits and starting afresh, everything was fine again. It seemed very context specific as I have not found any Play window operation to be generally unstable.