Crash while working with a video


Dorico Pro crashed while working with a video synched to the music. I think the latest thing I was doing was editing a marker’s time in the Marker panel.

If I remember correctly, this is not the first time it happens while working with video. I’m not sure it has always been happening when dealing with markers.

Mac Pro 2013, High Sierra. Please see the attached crash report.

Paolo (3.7 KB)

Today, the Mac panicked while I was exporting audio from a different project. No video involved, this time.

Paolo (3.8 KB)

When your Mac kernel panics, that’s nothing to do with the user mode applications running at that moment. Rather it’s to do with something lower level, typically a device driver or other kind of kernel extension. If you look at the text file you have attached, you will see that the AMD Radeon driver is potentially implicated.

Thank you Daniel. Since this only happens while I’m using Dorico, is there something that may be triggering a particular odd function in the Radeon?


Quite possibly, yes. I believe that the video window uses OpenGL, so it could be a problem with the OpenGL support in your display driver.