Crash with certain plugins

Hello Community.
When opening certain plugins my cubase 10 crashes every second time. meanining I load a plugin it crashes, i reopen cubase, load the same plugin only this time it doesn’t crash…opening anither project, load plugin it crashes again. opening it again loadint the same plugin it doesn’t crash…

any idea what the issue could be?
I attached a a crashDump fiule, hope iut is the right one.

thanks for your help!

Hi and welcome,

The crash dump files are not attached. Could you attach them, please?

sorry, i thought i attached it.
Cubase 64bit 2019.10.12 (832 KB)


It’s the same crash as it was here and here.

Thank you martin. I guess it must be the wrong crash dump file, since in this case I did not use groove agent…I just copied the latest crash dumb file…Doesn’t it creat crash dumb file every time cubase crashes?


The crash in the linked thread is not in Groove Agent. It’s in Cubase (not Groove Agent) and the class/method (sorry I’m not a developer) is the same.

Ok I see. I thought Groove Agent because in the linked thread it cubase crashed when loading a Groove Agent preset…
Any sugestions though what I could try to do?

So here is the m ost recent crash dump file:
Dropbox - File Deleted
it sais it is too large to attache.

is it the same?


This crashes in WaveShell. Make sure your Waves plug-ins are up to date, please.


Could you please add these information:

  • GrooveAgent Version

  • The preset which caused the crash

  • Audio System Setting
  • Audio Interface
  • Buffer size
  • Sample Rate
  • ASIO Guard Settings