Crash with file corruption

Just in case this hasn’t been mentioned.

I decided change the legato playback option from default 105 to 100% on piece that was 99% finished, boom, Dorico crashes, windows crashes. File is corrupted and unable to open.

Went and opened one of the backups, have that to replace it. I was using 3rd party vst EWSLSo, in case that has anything to do with it, though I’m been using that for weeks without any prior issues like this.

Do you still have the project that now refuses to open? If so, please email it to me so I can take a look (include a link to this thread in your email so I know what it’s in connection with).

Changing an option in a dialog should of course never cause the program to crash, but furthermore, changing an option in a dialog does not do any kind of disk/file activity, so there’s no reason why even if Dorico crashes in that situation that the project file should be affected in any way.

The thing that sounds strange to me is that opening the file and changing an option in the playback options dialog won’t cause the file to be re-saved, so I don’t think that there’s file corruption in this case, unless you did some intermediate saving. I think there could be one of two things happening: 1. The audio engine was still running in the background when you restarted Dorico and the two weren’t communicating properly (if this happens then try checking the running processes and kill VSTAudioEngine if it’s still listed), or 2. The temporary directory that Dorico uses for unzipping its files got into a corrupt state.

No worries. I was unable to reproduce the crash. So something else must of caused it. (also, for unknown reasons to me, I couldn’t get the file to attach to send to you – kept getting rejected.)

A .dorico file needs to be zipped before it will attach to a message here. There are presumably also size limits.