Crash with in-line editor and divide track

I have a big error message by doing this :

  • New project
  • Add midi track
  • Add a midi clip
  • Open in line editor
  • Click on the divide track list button
  • Boom Error :frowning:

Sometimes Cubase crash with 2 msg box, and if not crashing, the right arranger window controls ( vertical scrollbar, vertical zoom control, waveform zoom control, divide track list button ) juts disappear.
I have dump files too.

Does i have to report it by a support ticket, or this post will be enough ?

I have Cubase pro 9.0.30, running on Win10 64 CreatorUpdate. Intel i7-7700hq, 16gb ram.

I’ll get this looked at.

Also happens on Windows 7.

Thanks. There is a complication to this but it’s all useful info in the end.

So i’m not alone,thanks for the support :wink:

Fixed in C9.5.0 :slight_smile:

Yes it’s fixed.
But, i hesitated before posting this, because, it’s a little far fetched…
There is still a crash possibility, by moving a track with the inline editor open from the top part of the screen to the bottom part :confused:
The easiest way to reproduce it, is by creating a midi track in the upper zone, open the inline editor of it, and move the track to the bottom zone.
The devs will hate me :confused: maybe i will hate myself too :slight_smile: