Crash with keys near cmd-Z

There is some combination of keys near command-Z on the iPad keyboard that makes Dorico for iPad hard crash. I can’t seem to replicate it on purpose, but I lose many of my documents (with no auto-save available for recovery, of course) to this bug. I think my finger slips off of one of the keys near cmd-Z , but because it’s an accident, I can’t figure out what it is.

It would be nice if pressing any combination of keys at all didn’t hard crash the app.

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Sorry to hear about this. Could you please take a look in Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data for recent Dorico crash log files (names begin Dorico and end with .ips), zip them up, and attach them here so I can see what’s going on?

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Yes I’ve consistently seen this too.

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Let’s have your crash logs as well then, please, Dan.

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I mentioned it a few months ago but it must have gotten lost in the shuffle - I haven’t used the shortcut since. I’ll do it again and see if I can get a reproduction.

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Sorry it has taken me so long to upload these crash reports. Here they are at last.

I’m sorry to say, Michael, that those aren’t the files we need: can you look again in the list of Analytics Data for just those files whose names begin with Dorico?

Hi Daniel,

Sorry about sending the wrong files. There are no files that begin with Dorico in my Settings->Privacy & Security->Analytics & Improvements->Anaylytics Data directory.

Is it the case, then, that Dorico doesn’t actually crash (i.e. you’re not dumped unceremoniously back at the Launchpad) but that it’s hanging or freezing?

No, I’ve had Dorico freeze on me plenty of times (especially when it was new); this is an instantaneous dump to the desktop.

That’s interesting. It suggests that Dorico is crashing in such a way that it’s unable to write a crash dump file. Are you able to capture a screen recording of what’s happening and share it with us?

I wish I could recreate it on purpose. It’s just some combination of keys around the area of command-Z, but when I try to do it on purpose by hitting everything I can think of in the vicinity, I can’t reproduce it.