Crash with play_VST_x64 and Ghostwriter

Q6600, 8GB RAM, 7200rpm HD
Cubase Pro 8.05-64, Win7-64
EW_Play 4.2.2-64, EW Ghostwriter lib

  1. start Cubase 8.05
  2. start a new empty project (ctrl-N → other → empty)
  3. Choose Track instrument: play_VST_x64 (btw.: same if you do this with Rack Instruments)
    make sure, that your midi keybd is connected and routed correctly
    monitor on for play_VST_x64
  4. load EW Ghostwriter, navigate (browse) → 1 Guitar → Arp LesGtr Filtered.ewi (takes a lot
    of time in C8.05, but not in 7.5.30; I don’t know why).
  5. wait (yes wait) until it is loaded, play some notes, works, fine.
  6. click on VST-Instruments down to choose another preset (“next program”)

(“next program” see p. 599/601 in cubase8 Operation Manual EN version from Feb. 2015)

=> CubasePro 8.05 crashes. Not nice.
=> Cubase 7.5.30. loads much faster, crashes too. And not nice too.

Cubase 6.5.5 works, because there is no Track/Rack Instrument feature not available…
its different just VST instruments. …and it loads much faster too.

May be that cubase / EW_play engine did not find a “next program” but it should not crash anyway.

Can anyone confirm this? Perhaps with a different EW library?
Thanks, regards, Mike

I have similar problems with different EW libraries… In fact I still use the earlier PLAY version, 3.x… But I don’t have EW libraries which work with PLAY 4.x only (like Ghostwriter I suppose…).

I had several crashes because of EWQL Play too…Now I always load Play through VEP and I got no more crashes because of that…

Hi. I seldom had a crash with Play, but Cubase crashes every time I close a project with G-Player (G-Solo or G-Player in 64bit). Happily, it crashes only on closing after I saved, so I lose nothing. Just annoying to restart eveything every time.