Crash with Vienna Instruments

If I open a project with Vienna Instruments Dorico crashes if I didn’t put before the Vienna Key in the computer. This happened to me twice today by mistake, but I’m working often not at home and I don’t want to take my Vienna Key always with me, because I’m afraid to lose the key. It would help me a lot if those crashes did not happen.

Unfortunately I suspect there’s not a lot that we can do to prevent these crashes: in general if a VST instrument fails the eLicenser check then it may well crash, as the behaviour of running the plug-in without the eLicenser attached is undefined (obviously it cannot run under those circumstances).

Thank you, I understand the problem.
It would be ideal if Dorico could automatically switch to another tone generator if the Vienna Key is not connected.

I doubt it would get the chance to do that, because Dorico itself doesn’t know either that the project is going to use Vienna or that the Vienna Key is connected until the audio engine starts to try to initialise the plug-in, at which point it’s already too late.