Crash working with grace notes

I’m getting a crash problem while trying to convert an acciacciatura (created by MIDI import) to an appoggiatura. It might be that it is the one singular instance that I’m trying to change, because I already changed some in a different instrument without crashing.

Seemingly no crash dump was created. Also, on restart, one recovery file took its name from another file from the same folder which wasn’t involved at all in the current project.

If you have a reproducible case, please attach the project here together with the steps required to reproduce the crash.

OK. Frustrating – trying to cut the file down makes the problem go away. What’s the off-forum way of sending you stuff?

You can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Be sure to tell me what I’m meant to do with the file once I have it!

Ugh, in the course of trying to cut the file down, the problem has gone away – going back to the original place in the original file, the function works as it should, and it hasn’t recurred.

It would still be useful to get a diagnostic report, since that should contain the crash log that was produced, and hopefully I could at least see something about what happened.

The actual crashes didn’t produce a crash log – would a diagnostic after the fact (i.e. today, after the problem went away) be able to tell you anything?

Not if there really aren’t any crash logs, but why not just create one anyway and send it to me so I can take a look, just in case?