Crashdump in Cubase 12 Project Logical Editor

Scenario (I think):

Trying to use the Project Logical Editor to Bypass the Inserts on the selected Track (since that doesn’t seem to be available via the new Midi Remote). Observed on Cubase 12, Win10 21H2

The screen snap displays the scenario and resulting crash error message:

CrashDump file:
Cubase 64bit 2022.3.10 (210.6 KB)

Observation: This seems to occur when the selected track has an Audio event on it, but does not seem to occur when there is no Audio event.

I’m guessing that the “Parent Object is Selected” resolves differently, depending on the selected track being empty vs not being empty.

If I further assume, that my attempted Event Target Filter setting is faulty, it would seem that this crash may be caused by an error condition not handled in code.

I have had a similar crash opening up the Project Logical Editor. I’m on a MacBook Pro i9 16g Ram. It doesn’t happen all of the time. After the crash CB12 opens up Safe Mode and then it fixes it. When I close it then Cubase 12 will not work and get the spinning wheel and I have to shut it down. This happens when I open the PLE from the bottom of the Track Visibility menu. (35.7 KB)

You actually try to perform a track operation on an audio event.
You should at least add a container type = “Track” condition.
Nevertheless the crash should not happen and will be fixed.

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