CrashDump not generated

VSTLive just crashed while I was adding new audio files to a song freezing, quiting (lost unsaveds)

I’m checking every time - when crash happens - the folder (windows C:\Users\felician\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps)
but it is empty, all the time empty. Facing with a few crash-quits in a week, when using app, but can’t find any generated crashdump for sending. Already clicked once Help/Clean user data. Is there a location I’m missing?

… oh no :frowning: Sorry for that one. No Crash-Dump was created. That’s strange. Do you think it was a problematic audio file? Can you reproduce it? Can you give us that file?


Hi @Spork, no worry I’m saving quite often! Unfortunatelly still have crashes, thankfully less and less week by week. But immediatelly after I never find any CrashDump file in location quoted above to send you for further inestigation.

So I used to send problems in the past that i could reproduce and screen record to You, as I couldn’t find CrashDumps in crash situations. And they usually didn’t happen again so I could continue setlist tasks.

If there is any workaround for crashdump generation, do not hesitate to let me know :slight_smile:

Oh! I’m sorry also… I know, there was an answer/reply about, but search magnifyer couldn’t help me out:
how do I save default splash screen settings (I mean “splash screen” at opening VSTLive)?

You mean the Hub (with net messages at the left side)? Those are local settings, they are automatically saved when you exit, and loaded when you start over, along with Connections… etc that you did in between (local settings).

There are two types of problems, for one, crashes (bail to desktop), but also freezes (program doesn’t react anymore). Crashes should always create crashdumps, freezes cannot create them, because…well, it’s frozen. Which type is it in your case? And most of all: if you can ever reproduce a crash, please let us know.

What exactly did you do? Drag/drop or import from Menu? Did you try to add multiple files? What type of audio file(s)? Every hint is helping, we don’t accept crashes (or freezes, for that matter).

Yes, i called it spalsh screen, srry. I can’t make changes permanent. I also tried to save a project named as “default” vlprj, but it didn’t help. I feel myself a LAME

Just showing example, because I didn’t wanted to plug everithing together.

loading some “default.vlprj” after changing settings in HUB (start screen).

What am I doing wrong?

As narrowing in my head: exiting crashes are mostly when drag’n’drop files (and app starts generating .peak files under the hood). When I’m too fast and clicking as thinking didn’t pull file to track correctly… app can crash with “hard-exit”.

Other case happened a few times, when changed font copy pasted text in “NOTES” view. Also caused “hard-exit”.

These are not reproducable right afterj. But I promise, I will write all details next time when such happens.

Nothing. Default settings when not applied (new project) are ignored, also, they try to provide ports whenever possible to ensure you have sound, midi input etc, so (nc) doesn’t apply.
If you set ports as you do in your video, and then new project and save, it will save your changes in the new project.
Put differently: hub defaults apply to “New Project” only.

We did make a change with 1.1.7, so pls. have an eye on this.

We did find a crash related to Notes font/zoom settings, which wil be fixed soon, so keep looking, and thanks for that!

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I’m sorry I could’t send you feedback about earlier, but I didn’t wanted to just flame here on forum without my crash file evidences :sweat_smile:

ps.: Any idea, why crashdump files are not meight be generated on my system?

Just an thought. Could this crashlog thing be issue with windows permissions? I´ve had lots of troubles with permissions in the past.

to be honest, I’m not a windows guy, but using win laptop for gigs as only Asus Zenbook Duo had two screens on a laptop when purchased and I really liked the idea :sweat_smile:
I checked now with a simple “save to…” test, it seems, VSTLive has permission write data into the folder:

Hi @musicullum ,

thank you! I’ve figured it out. Creating a “DUMMY” (virtual) MIDI port, let’s me use 2nd MIDI IN pos# “empty/un-utilised” untill I connect my HUI. This avoids VSTLive automatically load the first avaiable device in alphabet (for me: loopMIDI) to #1/#2 <nc>'d MIDI-INs automatically (that duplicated the usage of my “loopMIDI” port, as it has already a MIDIIN as “loopMIDI” next row in my project file. (fortunately VSTLive is not “filling automatically up” <nc>'d OUTs).

We’re still evaluating this, seems odd.

once we will figure it out, no problem. Just as some kind of prove, I purchased the app last autumn and no crashdump was generated since (there are lot’s of things fixed now, but no doubt, inbetween there were “some” crashes while doing this and that :sweat_smile: )