CrashDumps - dmp read - error - cubase 9.5 pro

hello there.

i am running cubase 9.5 pro and i am having issue loading a specific project that i used to work. Probably it will be a vst plugin conflict/crash but i am unable to read .dmp file to figure which one.

Can someone advice on the attached dmp file. (i make it a .rar file to be able to upload it)

Also is there a way to read those dmp files and trace the problem in similar cases? (i have used ‘WhoCrashed’ & ‘WinDbg preview’ without any success

Cubase 64bit 2018.6.8 17.33.rar (171 KB)


I will have a look on Monday.

Thank you, i will appreciate if you advice also on the program you use to read those dmp file


I’m sorry, for some reason I can’t resolve this dump file.

no worries. thanks for trying men. i will try to move and add back one by one the vst to identify the crashing one.