Crashdumps with Sampletank4

I have recently purchased and installed IK multimedia’s Sampletank4.
9 out of 10 times I try to do load it and exchange libraries and check which sounds I will use I get crashdumps.
My system I would call it stable and since this addition I had not such problems.
I cannot read or evaluate the dmp’s, so I post one here if someone can help.

It seems that your Sampletank4 install has a problem with the OpenGL graphics driver.


However, there are several reports out there in the Internet where they talk about this kind of crash (with all kinds of DAWs) and the solution is to remove a duplicate path entry. No idea what kind of effect that might be, but it is probably something to look for. See here:


remove a duplicate path entry…from where exactly …and how?
is this a procedure for normal human beings?

I do not have Sampletank 4, so I can’t tell you where that is.

You should read the postings in the link I posted in my answer. There in posting #4 the user describes something in standalone mode. Try that.

thanks again.
I just checked. I do not have duplicate entries, but I am not sure I like what I see there.
I will check with IK multimedia too