Crashe Cue Notes

I have a big problem.
When I work on cue notes Dorico crashes every time
I’m working with PC Windows 10 and Dorico 3.5

Any Idea?


Where in the process does the crash occur?
(Specifics will help solve this sooner.)
Can you create and send a Diagnostic Report.

How can I make a Diagnostic Report ?

I have tried now to write cue notes in another file. There I have no problems. SO maybe there is something with the File (?)

sorry but diagnostic report file is to big (even ziped)

You should attach the project itself here, together with the steps that are required to reproduce the crash, and we’ll look into it right away.

Noel.dorico (2.5 MB)
here the file
The crashes are when I trie to write cues.
many thank’s

It works fine for me (Win10 Dorico3.5)
I’ve added a cue in bar 1 - no other changes.
Noel-x.dorico (2.5 MB)
Does this version cash?

Patrick, perhaps you could also do Help > Create Diagnostic Report to create a zip file on your desktop, and then send it to me using a service like WeTransfer to my email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. I can then take a look and hopefully see what is causing the crashing.

Patrick, can you tell me exactly what you’re doing to create cues that is causing the crash? What layout are you looking at? What do you have selected before you start creating a cue? What instrument are you trying to cue?

Hi Daniel

All the 3 trumpet parts have this problem

I tried now again to insert cues . Now it works and I have no crash (??)

So maybe it was a problem by loading the file ?

Thanks for coming back to me, Patrick. I haven’t been able to resolve the symbols in your crash dumps, which is unusual, and it means I can’t see what’s actually causing the crash on your system. I was also unable to reproduce any problems with creating cues using the trumpet material in your project, so I’m not sure what else I can do at the moment. Please let me know if the problem recurs.

Hi Daniel many many thank’s to you

I don’t know why but for the moment, it works fine.

Best wishes to you and your team

Patrick Haas Luxembourg