Crashes after close projects

Win7 64 bit
Nuendo 32 bit v. 5.1
RME fireface 800 with TI FW controller.
BlackMagic Intensity Pro
latest drivers for all hardware

Almost every time i close a session (ctrl+W) nuendo crashes and i have to close it and open it again.
the times it doesn’t crash a can’t tell if this is something that i have done. it seems to be random. sometime it is happens after importing an OMF file, sometime after i recorded narration. this is the only problem with my system. everything else is OK.

here is a screenshot of the message:
I can not see the file Nuendo5.log. it hasn’t been created as the error says.

Do you have any idea?
thank you

I would imagine that the .LOG is a hidden file, so just show hidden fies and you should see it.


Hi DG,
I always enable the “show hidden files” option. and even with that enable i cant see any Nuendo5.LOG file.
But i found it in other location.
i will try something and post the result later.