Crashes and bugs with v7.2.1

I have recently upgraded from WL Elements 7.11 to 7.2.1 and had nothing but problems since then:

The GUI is broken, as it can be seen in the attached screenshot.
You can see the weird red background on the bar to the right, as well as other random red parts of the GUI. Some icons become invisible after hovering them. WaveLab is the only application having those problems so it’s definitely not a graphics card problem or anything.
As you can see in the attached video, the plugin selection menus also open to the wrong side now (in 7.11 they opened to the left as it would be logical, since there is not enough space to open them to the right), and it is virtually impossible to navgiate through the VST-3 directory because of that.

WL 7.2.1 also crashes frequently when using the ASIO driver of my ESI Maya 44E sound card. It’s impossible to work with Wavelab if it crashes everytime you want to record something.
wavelab-broken.png (162 KB)

What I see is very unusual. What operating system do you use? What Style have you selected in WaveLab global preferences?

Can confirm this behaviour for Elements as well, sorry…

I use the 32-Bit version of WaveLab on Win7 x64, using the Win2k style. WaveLab’s own style is set to “Windows Classic”. Unfortunately I can’t even change that, since clicking on the dropdown list also crashes WaveLab, as you can see in the attached video… (218 KB)

I think the Win2k style is responsible from the problems. You should avoid this style.
To reset the WaveLab style to its default, erase the file
C:\Users[yourname]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 7\Preferences\General.dat

Interestingly, after removing General.dat, running WaveLab once and copying back the original General.dat, everything works well with the old config file as well, at least for now. I’ll keep you posted if the crashes happen again.

The problem with the popup menus, as confirmed by markino, remains.