Crashes every session

I want to make C12 a winner, but the incessant crashes are a deal-breaker. Literally, every session has crashed; either on exit or during the production. C11 and Studio One v5.5.1 are rock solid.

None of this happens during some heavyweight activity. Just a simple drag from the media browser into the Sampler is enough. Nothing is 100% repeatable either, so it is quite frustrating . I’m sending the crash reports to Steinberg, but this is excessive.

Post the crash log here. Sending to Steinberg is an automated system that aggregates crash logs thusly sent for development, not individual tech-support.

Add your system info to your profile here, it will help you get an answer.

Cubase 64bit 2022.3.18 (1.2 MB)

Never uploaded a file previously, but here is one of the latest. (I hope. :grinning:) Thanks for any assistance in advance!!!

Windows 11 Pro 21H2
C11/C12 Pro
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (Main AI)
UAD2 Quad
NI KK S61, Maschine MK3/Studio

According to WinDbg Preview it appears the crash is related to a dll that runs in the background, and maybe Komplete Kontrol.

I would troubleshoot like this:

  • start Cubase in safe mode and disable 3rd Party VSTs.
    – if Cubase doesn’t crash the problem is is in one of them, like NI stuff.

If so, I would try reinstalling the NI software on your system, and if that doesn’t help, Cubase. A repair install might do the job,

Thanks for checking that out, Steve. I will do as you suggested. That will be a schlog given the number of plugins and vendors loaded…but, I’ll give it a go.