Crashes every time I search for a command

I’m just learning this app, so I don’t know in which categories I will find which commands when I’m customizing the soft buttons. Every time I type in the search box to find a command by some search term, the app crashes immediately upon my entering the first character. It’s a 100% reliable bug. I’m using it on an iPad Pro if that matters. Any suggestions?

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Since the introduction of iOS 15, the app no longer works with the iPad keyboard. The app then crashes. There are many threads here that complain about this, but Steinberg is not willing, able or simply not interested to bring an app that is still advertised and sold to the latest state of programming technology.

Interesting. I guess I used the wrong search terms when I was looking for help. Sorry to hear Steinberg hasn’t even confirmed a fix is in the works. That sucks. Guess I need to try Metagrid.