crashes galore - C10 is not ready for me

Suffering so many crashes after having updated to C10. My system was running perfect with 9.5 / El Cap.

Now on C10 / Sierra the simplest things (these things were here before) like dragging a midi part causes a poof.

ALSO Cubase DOES NOT autosave in the intervals it’s set to. In my case 2 minutes. BUT I just lost well over 15 minutes of work because Cubase DOES NOT AUTOSAVE WHILE RUNNING PLAYBACK. Omg. This has happened before in older versions.

Jeeez - C10 for me is a no go.

Hope they fix it further down the line - it’s bye bye for now

Have you read this:

Thanks but I’m not using colored tracks only default cause I can’t stand it :joy:

Interesting! I’m not downplaying your issue at all – it must be gigantically frustrating. I personally have a crash-free situation here, on Mac with Mojave, just like 9.5 was on High Sierra and Mojave. I wonder why you’re having this issue?

My C10 works flawlessly. But I had my problems too. I solved it by re-installing everything cubase/steinberg related software on my computer.

Ok bummer, I had mine set to “use last color” and had like 5 crashes in the first hour of using C10.
Changing that to default, and I have been working for days with only 1 crash.
That is of cause 1 too many, but actually better than most first version releases.

This is most likely down to plug-ins or audio drivers, or possibly even the e-licenser software version, not Cubase itself. Try updating everything you are using to the latest version.

I agree - was a little shortheaded. I will update and maybe trash preferences.

Can anyone else confirm the auto save issue? Looking through my bak files they’re definitely not 2 minutes apart. Sometimes 10-15 minutes

I think you are correct. Auto save only happens when the transport is stopped. It has been that way for a long time. And IMO it’s time to update it so it can auto save while recording/playing back.

I’ll make it a feature request

Yes, this is how autosave has worked forever, (not saving during playback) and yes, it would be better if it was better! I’ve learned not to use it a substitute for manual saves, and I use ‘Save New Version’ a lot too.