Crashes N6.5

I am getting Tons of crashes. I created a project that only has the N6.5 NEK VST instruments.

I get crashes when…
I load a project.
when I change sounds in Groove Master.
I change the midi channel feed from Groove Agent to GA-SE.
(see attached screen shots).

I can’t even load performances (sound banks) in HalionSonic-Se or Groove Agent-SE. It appears to load to 50% and then gets a red X, and the progress bar stops.

I also get crashes when I close a project.
When I try to export an AES-31 file it takes a full minute to open the Windows drive selection Dialog.
In fact accessing any windows function (find folder, save as new, export selected tracks, etc.) seems to stall frequently.

It can’t find retrologue.

And since I installed 6.5 it seems that 6.0 is less stable.

Can Somebody tell me what’s going on ???

If I need to reinstall 6.5 do I uninstall first?
Will this erase anything in the 6.0 installation ???

This system is an Intel i7, 3.5gHz, 4Gb ram, running Win-7 pro 32 bit.

I have also had crashes that only had 1 mono audio track, 1 stereo audio track, and 1 instance of Waves IR-1 parametric convolution reverb.

I will update with more details/issues as I remember, or encounter them.


running Win-7 pro 32 bit

That could be your problem right there.

you’re going to have to explain this cryptic comment.


A 32bit OS (and host) an only use up to 2 point something memory. Even if you computer has much more installed.
So, with “modern” hosts and plugins, you pretty much need all of the memory to even be able to run the host.
A VST instrument is a Memory dinosaur …


I thought the 2Gb limit was in Win XP
I thought Win-7 pro had a somewhat higher limit. Is that incorrect ?


4 Gigs for Windows 7 32. Optimally. Starter Edition is 2G.

Fredo’s point, however, stands. Would not be surprised if your issue had to do with RAM… or plugins that don’t play nice with 32.

Worth checking out!