Crashes - no crash report in diagnostics

Dorico has again begun to crash really often, now with simple copy-paste operations.
Well it’s a big old project file, and again there is a now a lag of ca. 1 sec eg. between hitting Alt-Up and the visible reaction. That’s great fun.
Also the old disease of not moving from a selected note horizontally to the next note in the stave with the right arrow key is back. I thought that one was cured? Nothing of this is truly reproducible, and in a newly created or small project this things will hardly ever happen, I suppose.

In the diagnostic reports I create after this crashs the “Crashes” folder remains empty - - -

SIGH! Dorico is driving me mad at the moment.

What can be done? I hope I can at least finish my project with 3.5.1 ?!

I really hope that you developers are given enough time to make not more cool features, but to make at least and finally 4.0 a stable, rock solid program that does not eat my time.

Can you please make sure you have followed the instructions under “Dorico is crashing. What do I do?” in the FAQ thread so that Dorico is able to save dumps when it crashes? If you have a reproducible crash, i.e. the same operation consistently causes the software to crash, please provide the project file (which you can send to me by email if you wish at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de) together with the details of the steps to reproduce the problem, and we will look into the problem for you.

Hi Daniel,
I get not infrequent rainbow wheels and wrist watch cursors on the Mac, but only a few outright crashes. Looking the logs I don’t see that it catches hangs (they go on forever, I’ve let them sit for a few hours before manually killing the application). Any thoughts on how to deal with those?

If you experience a hang, you can open Activity Monitor and select both the Dorico and VSTAudioEngine processes, and create a sample from each process, choosing the appropriate option from the cog menu in the top left of the window. Normally if you are experiencing a hang, it’s because the audio engine has crashed, which causes Dorico to hang because it expects to be able to request data from the audio engine, e.g. when saving, and if it crashes, of course it doesn’t have the opportunity to tell Dorico it’s gone away. When the audio engine crashes, it’s often due to a particular VST plug-in. Sending us the logs produced by doing Help > Create Diagnositc Report will allow us to see what caused the audio engine to crash.