Crashes now :(

I had no crashes until the update but now I am getting regular crashes :confused: normally when loading a project but also when loading an FX channel preset.

One project will not load at all anymore. I see it open but then I get Cubase stops responding. I looked at the dump files and each one I have looked at says:

Exception Code: 0xC0000094
Exception Information: The thread tried to divide an integer value by an integer divisor of zero

So a basic divide by zero error. Not sure what to do nopw I really need to open that project. I guess a trashign of presferences is next just I have so many plugins it takes ages to rescan

So I trashed my preferences and still it crashes on loading that project. I suppose I am going to have to open a ticket

Just drag all your plugins, both VST 2 and 3, to folders on your desktop. The problem will likey go away. Then, just drag them back in small batches until you find the offender(s).

It then gives you a a legitimate excuse to try and buy another plugin to fill the void until either Steinberg, the company, or both, sort it out. :slight_smile:

I think there are some one-day sales going on today, too.

Actually since I have Visual Studio I ran a debug session on it and discovered the divide by zero was happening in the Satin plugin. Removing it allowed the project to load. So that seems to be the cause of my woes especially as the effects chain preset I could not load also has Satin in it. With a new project Satin works fine though and I have loaded some old projects where Satin works fine as well - so it is some strange interaction with 8.0.2 and Satin sometimes. Not very clear I know but at least I can work around it now.