Crashes on file open from empty screen (OSX Mojave)

I can open a file from the initial splash page, but File > New or File > Open from an empty screen causes a crash every time.

Not really sure where to go from here, so trying the forums before I start hassling the local distributor…

i’m running:
macOS Mojave 10.14.2
eLicenser Control + Registered Soft eLicense
WaveLab Elements 10.0.5 (No plugins, clean install)

Quit WaveLab and delete /Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Elements 10.0/

thanks - seems to have done the job. will report back if it doesnt resolve it.

this unfortunately only worked temporarily, now regardless of deletion of Preferences/WaveLab Elements 10.0/, or reinstalling Wavelabs, it crashes every time i try and do anything from the file menu, or the file browser window.

currently i can only open files from the splash window :frowning:

Can you try opening files from the file browser window? Or even by drag and drop from the finder?

different file opening methods:

  • from the ‘File’ menu - crashes
  • from the file browser window - crashes
  • from the initial splash window - works
  • from right click on the audio file and opening with wavelab - works
  • drag and drop - works

It also crashes when i try and render, or try to ‘Save As’ - I’ve now lost all my work. this is really disappointing.

It (pardon the pun) renders this product useless to me.

please fix this! :frowning:

It also crashes when i try and render

Send me a crash log in PM then.