Crashes on opening and closing

Hey there guys,

I’ve been getting a bunch of random startup and shutdown crashes with N12. No problem with the same projects/plugins with N11. When N12 is open I don’t have any problems.

Sometimes the project loads, but the actual project interface never opens.

It’s been happening for a while now and I would’ve reported earlier, but usually this kind of thing disappears after updates. Needless to say it’s a bit frustrating.

My first guess, since I had a somewhat similar issue, would be a plugin that has issues. For me with Nuendo 11 everything was fine, though it did take a long time to shut down, but it did. Then I got 12 and it had issues with hanging and refusing to close. Same project, same plugins.

The culprit in my case was BFD3. I was using an exceedingly old version and it and N12 didn’t play nice together. An update fixed it. Now N12 not only closes when I tell it to, but does so fast.

So the things I’d try:

  1. Make a test project that uses only Steinberg included plugins. I realize this isn’t going to be useful in terms of actually doing stuff, but it is a good test. Load up some audio tracks, toss in a bunch of plugins, and see how it goes. If you have issues with that, then there’s probably something wrong with the N12 install, its interaction with your hardware, or the like. However if that runs fine, it is probably your plugins.

  2. Once you’ve established it is probably plugins, start working on bisecting what plugin it could be. The ones I would target first are VST2s particularly older ones. Get rid of one of them and replace it with something else temporarily, see if that fixes it. If not, try another plugin. Keep ripping out and replacing plugins, oldest first in general, until you have a stable project.

  3. Once you’ve got it working stable, that last plugin you ripped out is probably the problem, or at least one of the problems. Try reintroducing the other plugins you ripped out, see if it stays stable. You could have more than one that is an issue, but hopefully not. Get it to a point where it is stable with as many of your plugins as possible.

  4. At that point, figure out what to do with the plugin that is a problem. If it is something where there’s an update, get that and try it. BFD3 is still VST2, but the new version fixed it, I just didn’t know there was a new version since they changed company hands. If there’s a new version you have to buy, particularly if that offers VST3, I’d consider getting it to see if that fixes the issue, depending on cost. However if it is old and abandoned, well then I’d start the search for a replacement.

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Thank you Sycraft-w. I’ll check it out!

We also had the problem with opening and closing. When we exchanged the Focusrite audio interface for a Presonus a year ago for a completely different reason, the problem went away.
Synology NAS can also cause problems when there are plugins that test the hardware for licensing. The Waves company checks all connected hardware and Nuendo then crashes due to a timeout because the NAS drive is taking too long or switched off.

Thank you THambrecht.

I’ve been on RME for the longest time so nothing’s changed in my setup - as mentioned, N11- no problems, N12 - issues…
But, nevertheless, I will get it sorted as soon as I get the chance to troubleshoot.

Thanks again!