Crashes: Plug in Manager bundle

I am repeating here an issue I reported on the Cubase forum, because it is something which is afffecting both my Cubase 6.5 and my Nuendo 6.04. I didn’t receive any responses from my question there, (nor from Steinberg tech support) and am hoping someone in the Nuendo forum might be kind enough to help.

I am finding that if I try and open either Cubase 6.5 or Nuendo 6 in 64 bit mode, the programs crash when trying to load the Plug Manager Bundle. This comes near the beginning of the start up process, after loading GUI Resources. I don’t get the problem if I start in 32 bit mode. This is a problem which has only recently occurred - I have been using 64 bit Cubase since it was available.

Disabling VST plugins has no effect. Ditto trashing preferences. Ditto reinstalling audio card software. Ditto reinstalling eLicence software. Ditto reinstalling the programs. Where else should I look to solve this one? :unamused:

any help most gratefully received! I am working with clients and have to revert to 32 bit mode.

Hi globalhiccup,

first I would remove all third-party plug-ins from the public-folder. You can look for the path in the Devices/Plug-in Information menu. Cubase/Nuendo should then start using its own plug-in set. If everything is o.k. put a bunch of those third-party plug-ins back and see if one of those was the problem. If not, processd.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for your reply, Andreas. But, as I mentioned, I disabled the VST plug in folder which is used by Cubase (removed all the plugins) and the problem continued.

Any more suggestions? Are there some components specific to 64 bit Cubase which I could investigate?

Hi again Andreas.

Problem solved. It seems to have been an EAST WEST PLAY 4 problem. Having uninstalled their recent update (PLAY 4) I reverted to PLAY 3, and the crashing stopped. I can now load both Nuendo and Cubase in 64 bit mode.

Lesson learned: wait awhile before downloading and installing updates! It seems like PLAY 4 has many bugs.