crashes using post filter plugin

Since I updated Nuendo to the last version I can’t use the post filter plugin anymore. It causes the most unpredictable crashes. Sometimes they are so bad that I need to restart the computer. Since now I have never had any problems with native plugins in Nuendo (ver4 or 5).
Anybody else experiencing anything similar?
Any help much appreciated, post filter is a plugin I use a lot, at least until now .
I am on Win, Vista 32bit.

Still same problem, it won’t go away.
Does anybody have any idea at all?

I just had this plugin crash on me too.
Can’t remember what I did that produced the crash though, caught me off guard.

Think I’ll stay away from that one for now. Too bad, looks pretty cool.


Hi Biss,

any chance to reproduce the crashes ?


I’ve been using Post Filter on just about everything, since dialog tracks need sharp cutoffs. Haven’t had a problem yet. (YMMV… obviously… but maybe comparing system configs will help.)