crashes w note performer?

I recently installed NotePerformer, and now Dorico is crashing often when I try to use it - won’t let me playback, or alternately having trouble even quitting or closing a project. I don’t know if its related to NotePerformer or something else. Am using Dorico Elements. Zip file of diagnostic report attached.
Dorico (446 KB)

Welcome to the forum.
It would be also good if you could post the corresponding project. If you don’t put it here publicly, please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. We guarantee to use it only for debugging purposes.
There are two Dorico crash dumps contained, saying it was running out of memory. At the same time the audio engine appears to hang in a recursive loop. All together pretty weird and nothing we have ever seen before. Therefore the project data would also help greatly. Thanks very much.

OK I wondered if it is because I tried the trial of Dorico Pro and now am using Elements? According to my specs, I have 300+ gb of 500gb memory available on the hard disk. FYI I just tried changing the playback template to Elements, and then it hangs again. So I have to go to th Finder and force quit. I’ll email the file as I can’t see how to attach it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the project. Good thing is, it also plays stupid here with me, so that makes it easier to debug.
Btw, the process is running out of RAM, not of disk space. And if some process is hitting a recursive endless loop, then also e.g. 16GB of RAM are used up very quickly.
Regarding attaching, just zipping it up beforehand would have sufficed, but doesn’t matter anymore, now that I have it already.
So thanks very much and I take a look now…

Problem is following: Dorico starts in a separate process the VSTAudioEngine, the one that loads NotePerformer and manages the sound generation. When trying to load your project, the audio engine is running into an endless loop. Then also Dorico can’t talk to it any more and everything behaves funny. Now, I’ve sent you back a modified version of your project which heals the situation, however, I still don’t know how the audio engine can end up in the endless loop. We need to do some deeper debugging and analyse the program flow. We will do on Monday.