Crashes when average load approaches 50%... how to approach trouble shooting?

Cubase 10.0.40 Pro on Windows 10.

I feel like my sessions are prone to crashing (meaning my entire PC locks up and the machine has to be power-cycled) when the average load on the performance meter approaches 50%. I usually end up rendering tracks to free up the CPU. I would expect poor performance to be closer to 100% and never a crash.

Is that a realistic expectation? And what would be my next steps to trouble shoot?

Note that crash dumps are not being created in these instances (assuming they are stored in Documents > Steinberg > CrashDumps).

What’s the first bit of info you’d think is needed ?

I would suspect the beginning is diagnosing whether it’s a hardware or software issue. Or both.

  1. Under what circumstances does Cubase create, or not, a crash dump? I’m guessing the lack of a dump file may indicate a non-Cubase issue, like hardware or drivers.

  2. I’m inclined to stress test the CPU to see if temperature is an issue.

  3. I’m thinking about creating a stress session with multiple instances of Groove Agent SE - an instrument I use in nearly every session. This may or may not trigger a crash and may or may not point to the mixture of plugins in my system.

So, I’ve got a couple of approaches. I was hoping to hear from others on their diagnostic tactics. The lack of a dump file seemed a crucial piece of data. Perhaps not.

I’m also guessing this is unique to my system. I’ll add my system info - in case you were signaling that I hadn’t provided enough information.


Anyway it is not standard behaviour. I can load sessions with plugs until the audio breaks up and no crashes then or lockups.

I’ve discovered the Windows 10 Reliability Monitor. It only shows a “not shut down properly” error for my last crash.

Thanks for the replies. I guess this thread may be going OT for Cubase. Hopefully I can figure out my system’s weak link and understand how Cubase interacts with it.

Keep in mind that if your average load is 50% then your peak load is probably maxing out frequently…