Crashes when bringing in midi patterns to chord pads..

I’m getting consistent crashing when auditioning and bringing in midi patterns to be played by chord pads.
I have the import dialog box open and i’m scrolling through and trying different midi patterns from the Steinberg library, but it gets to a point that it errors out with an ‘error occurred, try and save’ etc dialog box.

Anyone else able to replicate this?


Could you please attach a crash dump file and write step-by-step repro?

Yes i have exactly the same problem, with a new preferences file. Tis definately a bug


Could you please attach the crash dump file?

Hi, similar problem:
Cubase 10.0.10 crash after import midi loop in the chord player setup. The player does play the chosen pattern, but crash by clicking on something. Sometimes you can try a few patterns and then crash.
I hope for a quick solution.

I wanted to send the crash report but I can not do it because of a format problem. No .txt or docx or?

Crash report included now
Cubase 10_2018-12-24-011841_iMac-van-Emile.crash (130 KB)

Hi and welcome,

The crash dumps are stored as *.dmp files on Windows and *.crash files on Mac. Both of them, you can attach here on the forum.

  • On Windows you can find the files in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps.
  • On Mac you can find the files in the macOS Console utility > User Reports.