Crashes when changing repeats structure

Hi, I’m experiencing repeated crashes when taking away the starting repeat barline. Is it a known issue?

No, not in general. Could you please attach (or email to me) the project that reproduces the problem, along with the steps required to reproduce the crash, and also include a set of diagnostic reports as produced by Help > Create Diagnostic Report?

Hi Daniel,

I managed to go on with the project so I would have to recreate what led to the crash but I am travelling today so it will take some time.

This is the report that I created now, hope it will show the last crash but I don’t know if it helps you without me sending the project.

I will send that as soon as I get half an hour to recreate the problem.


Dorico (1.1 MB)

Thanks to airport security timings I’m able to sit down and do:
1 add start repeat at bar 141
2 add end repeat at bar 144 end
3 change start repeat to start/end repeat at bar 148 end
4 spinning ball
Dorico (1.3 MB)
The dorico file is too big so I send it separately to Daniel.

Where does the start/end repeat go back to?

Apart from a repeat of the first four bars of the piece there is nothing until you reach bar 141. There I had four bars plus 4 bars with repeats. I added 8 bars after that and copied those eight bars again so I got four four bar groups with repeats. Then I wanted to have no repeats on the first 2 groups, 4 repeats on the third and 2 on the fourth. After that there is no repeat sign until a start repeat at bar 205. While deleting and adding various repeat symbols to accomplish that I had a number of crashes. Got it?

I’d (We’d) have to see it.
Presumably Daniel will have some advice for you.

Yes, hope so. I’ve send him the piece. The thing is that even if I put repeats illogically during editing, Dorico shouldn’t crash, rather warn me. So something must be amiss.

I think Dorico will eventually come back to you in this circumstance, but you are creating an infinite repeat by adding an end-start repeat barline at bar 148: there is nowhere for the end repeat to repeat back to; you would need to also make the barline at bar 144 an end-start repeat barline as well.

Dorico should indeed not get so bogged down when an infinite repeat is created, but unfortunately it’s hard to guard against it because Dorico doesn’t know it’s infinite until it’s trying to resolve it, and if it’s only been created by the edit that is in the middle of being processed, it’s especially difficult to resolved. But this is something we will try to improve in future.

In the meantime, if you’re experimenting with repeat barlines, a good approach is to go into Playback Options and switch off the Play repeats option until you’re sure you’ve created a sensible repeat structure, at which point you can switch it on again.

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Yes, the infinite repeat occurred while I was editing several repeats, before I was ready. I understand that and turning off Play repeats while editing is of course a good advise that I will follow from now on. Thanks for taking the trouble to look into it and lets hope you find a way to avoid crashes while editing without this precaution.