Crashes when closing the drumeditor ("Bridger64.dll) SOLVED

I am currently working in a larger mix/project - and every time (at least most of the time) Cubase (latest version) crashes when closing the drumeditor…

“Bridger64.dll” seems to be guilty - I never every had this before.

Any Ideas?

I have to do TRUCKLOADS of (midi) drum editing in that project … :-/

What plugins are you using? Are you running any 32-bit plugins on a 64-bit installation? My Cubase installation doesn’t load any file named “bridger64.dll”. I’ve searched for it in the Cubase8 folder too.

I am using some 32bit plugins but via jBridge - but afaik that jBridge stuff is called “auxhost” or something?

The only difference comparing to the last mixes is that I used a couple of old Antares plugins - via jBridge… TC VSS Reverbs etc are always in my mixes, they are bridged as well…

I will try to find out more tomorrow! Thanks for the help!

oh I did a quick search of the system drive…

program files/jBridge

I will get into contact with them! Maybe there is a new version.

Well I updated to the latest jBridge Beta and it seems that all is fine now!