Crashes when doing parts

Hi all. My programme routinely crashes when I am making parts. Have others had this experience? Is there anything I can do?

Please choose from Dorico’s main menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’. That creates silently a zip file on your desktop containing crash dumps, which are most useful for us to look at. Please attach that zip file here. Thanks

Thanks Ulf. Here it is.
Dorico (766 KB)

Many thanks, Daniel and the team will have a look.

mshlom, can you please be specific about precisely what you’re doing when the program crashes? The two crash logs show two different crashes, neither of which I can remember seeing before. Please provide the project file(s) you’re working on and the steps required to reproduce the crash, and we’ll look into it right away.

Thanks Daniel. I have been making lots of little pieces the past weeks and when I go to make the parts the programme usually crashes. I am often moving between PRINT and ENGRAVE and WRITE to fix things up. It sometimes happens when I am deleting the ‘Flow’ text from the parts.
happy (1.14 MB)

I’m sorry to say that I still don’t quite know what operation you’re doing just before the crash. Are you saying that simply switching modes by clicking the Print, Engrave, Write buttons is sufficient to cause a crash?

I will come back to you next time it happens. Thanks for your help.

Hi again. This time it happened (i.e. it crashed) when I deleted the ‘flow’ text from a part and then moved to another part to do the same.
Zip attached. Many thanks, Matthew
Doodle (951 KB)

I’m afraid I’m unable to open the attachment, Matthew. Can you please try again? And please be very specific about exactly what you did, so that it’s possible for me to try to reproduce this. Please specify what you were looking at, what you selected, what you typed, where you clicked, etc.

Trying again – see attached. My software crashes when I am preparing parts so I am moving between PRINT, ENGRAVE and WRITE modes. This particular time I had just deleted the ‘flow’ text header from one part and then had moved to another part to do the same. My guess is that I was in WRITE mode at this point. So it is possible that the issues occurs when I move between parts in WRITE or ENGRAVE mode. Many thanks, Matthew (948 KB)

You seem to be using a third party font which could be causing problems.

But… Why are you deleting the flow header text? You can disable them in Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows

I’m not sure how I am using a third party font. I just selected one of the fonts available.

I’ve been using Dorico for the past couple of months and generally find it great, but have never found a way to successfully remove the FLOWS text (I don’t even know why it is there – I understand the FLOWS concept for working, but why is it on there on the printed materials?). It’s probably me, but I’ve looked at the Dorico help and posts on this forum, but never got it to work right so I end up just deleting each one individually, which would be only mildly annoying if it wasn’t for the programme crashing when I do it. When I disable them as you suggest above Craig (selecting NEVER), it removes the FLOWS text from the first page, but not for the rest of the pages.

The flows text for the rest of the pages is part of the Default Master Page, just below the First Master Page, which you can edit in Engrave Mode. If you double-click the default page icon on the right, you’ll see the tekst frames for those pages with text tokens. You can change or remove these tokens.
You should read up on/watch the videos on Master Pages. It’s a radically different concept from the other music notation programs and one which may take awhile to grasp, but the time investment is well-worth it.

In fact the simplest way to remove flow headings is on the Page Setup page of Layout Options. If your project has only one flow, then you don’t need flow headings. If in general all of the projects you’re creating with Dorico have a single flow, then you can of course turn flow headings off by default in Layout Options and then save that choice as a default for all future projects, too.