Crashes when opening and closing certain projects, unpredictably.

This is on C9.5.21.

ISSUE: This is something that’s been happening much more than in the past, since 9.5. Some projects crash when loading up, then often when I load it up again the next time it’s fine. Sometimes it takes two or three tries. It’s unpredictable whether or not it will happen, and how many times. Also, when closing, it often crashes. Sometimes when it doesn’t open in Cubase without crashing it will open up in Nuendo just fine. And sometimes vice-versa. All plugins are completely up to date, nothing blacklisted, all 64-bit, tried trashing preferences – no dice.

I can’t list steps to reproduce because it’s unpredictable, and someone else’s session might not cause it to happen. Just respond here if it’s happening to you in the same way it’s happening to me, but ONLY that specific kind of crash on this thread, please.

I('m so tired of non-responses from Steinberg, so all I can do is post here. :frowning:


Most of these crashes are plug-ins related. Please share the crash dump, we can have a look, which plug-in crashes.