Crashes when opening and closing certain projects.

Just as the title says. Sometimes a project will crash Nuendo (always has done this since I was on N8, now on 8.2.1) when loading, then when I load it up again right after, it’s fine. This happens in Cubase 9.5 as well (and Cubase 9 in the past). Sometimes it takes a two or three tries before it will open fine without issue, but it’s very stable when actually working on said project. Also, very often larger projects will crash Nuendo when closing. These projects were all created from a template originally made on Cubase.

This combined with Cubendo’s inability to load up very large scoring or song sessions back-to-back without crashing makes composing on Nuendo and Cubase a chore. Yes, I wrote support about the issue in Cubase, they said to trash presences (which didn’t help the issue) then didn’t respond anymore.

Are others experiencing this specific issue? Let’s keep this thread about this very specific issue only, not other kinds of crashes.

Does anyone here know how to read a Nuendo crash report?