Crashes while messing with midi audition turned on and chord pads

Just tested chord pads and …
got some random crashes while messing around with chord pads (no repro here)

Just 2 tracks in project (midi with turned on auditioning and the chord pad)
No any third party plugins involved
All this makes the chord pads absolutely unusable for me.

Here are 3 crash dumps: (438.5 KB)
I can make more dumps if needed

Anyone got similar issues?

kind regards, Alexander

I have just confirmed a display issue in Chord Pads which involves auditioning, here Chord Pad Keyboard Display Issue, but no crashes, which was reported originally in C9 but I just recently confirmed it’s still an issue in C11.

I don’t know if it’s related, however.

Thanks for the response
A little bit different case, but thanks anyway
I’ll try to reproduce my issue

kind regards, Alexander