Crashes with Reaktor's 'Automatic saving with host' enabled

As Title says, its staightforward and easy to reproduce.

Reaktor Ensemble is to be saved along with cubase project, with ‘Automatic saving with host’ enabled.

With this option enabled, if I save my project cubase crashes.

Canh you share your system details? OS, processor and RAM, etc?

What other plugins are you using alongside Reaktor?

My system:
Win10 x64, Cubase9, AMD A10-5800K, 12G RAM
Other plugins are, HSSE, EZdrummer2, U-he Diva, Xpand!2

I don’t think the other plugins are causing it.
You can easily reproduce this on an empty project with only one instance of reaktor (blocks).

Load up a random blocks ensemble, enable automatic saving (little ‘host’ icon lights up)
make a couple modifications, then little disk icon will light up white meaning modifications will be saved with the DAW project.
Ctrl+S and there you go cubase crashes.