I’m in the final stages of setting up an orchestral template but I am running into constant crashes.
I use Cubase 10.0.5 (I updated today from I believe 10.0.2).

My dump files are located here:

Thanks for your help,



I can see 2 different crashes here. One is very generic and unfortunately I can’t read anything from it. Two others (with the numbers) are more specific. It looks like some VST instance can’t find it’s output.

Do you have a clear reproduction for the crash, please?

Thank you Martin, I got a little further with your answer as the outputs didn’t line up with VEPRO.

After solving that issue, I’m still seeing lots of crashes. Can you please have a look at the following crash files?


VE Pro 6 itself, as a part of my template, crashes on close each time.


All the crashes are the same. I saw several of them at the end of 2019. Then VEPro was updated (as far as I know it was VEPro 7) and fixed the issue. Do you have the latest update, please?

Thank you Martin, for guiding me into the right direction.
I do have the latest VEPRO updates, but I will see if I can figure out what goes wrong with VEPRO and report back if needed,


Hello Martin,

Things have improved quite a bit, however Cubase is still not stable when first loading a project file. At this point Cubase continues to crash the first time I load up one of my projects. The second time I load the same project (after restarting Cubase), things seem to be fine with no further crashes or glitches.

Can you have another look at what it is that might cause these initial crashes?

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